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Castler is all about leveraging Technology, Expertise and Innovation to make escrow solutions more accessible and convenient for enterprises and consumers alike by digitizing the escrow process. Transacting parties are caught in an uncertain payment environment right now. Frauds are commonplace, and fast, easy, and economical escrows are impossible to access.  We intend to fill the trust gaps that have arisen due to constantly evolving monetary frauds. With multi-party protection and different levels of authentication, we honor our commitment of making business dealings safer than ever.
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Our Story

The idea of forming Castler sparked when Vineet (Chief Castler) sold his car on a used-vehicles platform and faced a major time delay for the transaction to conclude. He was promised payment against the sale of his car within 30 minutes, but instead it took 10 days of follow up. Coincidentally, around the same time, one of his friends was scammed while trying to sell his used furniture – he was duped of INR 18,290 through UPI on a prominent online marketplace. The need for a safer transaction environment was realised. With the vision of creating the safest payment environment possible, Castler’s entrepreneurial talent came together to create a product that would ingrain trust and faith in every transaction across consumers and businesses.

Meet Our Team

The founders of Castler bring to the table invaluable knowledge of multiple industries including fintech, marketplaces, real estate, and banking. They have contributed significantly in the growth of Naukri.com, 99acres, MobiKwik, MagicBricks, Treebo, Barclays, Kotak, Yes Bank, ICICI Bank, IndusInd Bank, OLX, VISA, Mastercard, Drivezy, and Shuttl. With extensive knowledge of businesses, the founders understand the payment problems faced in transactions inside-out. Their experience has helped them create the ideal transaction solution that everyone can utilise conveniently. Our founders strongly believe that creating a business is an immense responsibility. Vineet and Dinesh cumulatively have over 50+ years of scaling businesses from scratch, and raising the minimal profits of startups to over 100 crores. They grew the companies they scaled to 1300 member-strong corporations built on trust, transparency, and accountability. Honest value-creation for their stakeholders is at the core of their work ethic and ideology, and this is imbibed in Castler’s business practices every step of the way.
Vineet Kumar Singh

Vineet Kumar Singh

Co-Founder & CEO
Dinesh Kumar

Dinesh Kumar

Co-Founder & CBO
Ritesh Kumar Tiwari​

Ritesh Kumar Tiwari​

Investor & Incoming CPO

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