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Physical Goods (new)

Physical Goods

India’s 1st Trust-Based Digital Escrow Solution for
Buying/Selling Any Physical Good

Protect Your Money And Goods Better

Avoid falling prey to digital frauds by safeguarding your funds and goods while buying and selling online with instant digital escrow accounts.
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black animated shield and two people depicting verified parties for buying and selling goods with digital escrow

Transact With Verified Parties Only

Every party transacting through Castler’s digital escrow is thoroughly eKYC’d in minutes. This helps make sure that every buyer or seller you transact with is a legitimate entity.

How to Use Castler

to ensure greater protection for your money and goods.

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1. Buyer and Seller Get eKYC'd

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2. Buyer and Seller Agree to Terms

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3. Buyer Deposits Payment to Castler

4. Seller Delivers the Goods to Buyer

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5. Buyer Inspects and Approves the Delivered Goods

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6. Castler Releases Payment to Seller

The Value Castler Promises

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Funds are held in India's largest private banks.

trustee assurance icon for buying and selling goods and services with digital escrow

Certified trusteeship company as escrow agent for all payout approvals.

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Pay a fraction of the cost of traditional banking solutions.

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Seamless, fast, and efficient digital onboarding.

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Net-banking like digital escrow dashboard.

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Receive transaction notifications instantly through SMS and e-mail.

Castler works with
every industry and use-case.

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