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Luxury Items

Securely sell or buy your luxury items with ProtectPay

Looking for sell or buy your favourite art and antiques collection or jewellery, ProtectPay escrow services are for you so that your precious items are safe and you get what you want.

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Inspection period begins for Customer as per terms

Customer approves of the condition: Deal successful!


Customer declines: Instant turnaround of Advance


Attention, All ART LOVERS!

Here's why you must use escrow for your precious collections

Vansh is a stamp collector who recently saw an advertisement for vintage collection for Rs.5,00,000. The collection is interesting and he eagerly wants add this into his precious collection. It is a good lead, but Vansh is unsure about whether it is real or not, he will receive what is shown or not. Vansh knows very well that unknown advertisements are notorious for fake prospects. The trust gap is not worth risking his time and money. He involves ProtectPay in the deal and gets to expand his precious collection securely and easily.

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