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Real Estate

How often have you heard of Real Estate frauds?

Buy real estate only if the seller agrees to use ProtectPay’s escrow service for tension-free transactions. Better safe than sorry

Process flow of ProtectPay

Easy to use. Safe. Secure


Parties Agree to Terms

Customer transfers Advance Security/Rental Deposit
to ProtectPay Vault



Inspection period begins for Customer as per terms

Customer approves of the property: Deal successful!


Customer declines: Instant turnaround of deposit


Attention, All tenants and landlords!

Here's why you must use escrow for your rentals

Umang browsed a listing of his dream home for rent from an unknown seller. He really liked the house but he is doubting on the authenticity of the seller and whether he'll get his security deposit back or not. He knows very well that the security deposits are usually taken away and he will not get what is shown. The trust gap is not worth risking his time and money. He involves ProtectPay in the deal. Umang gets to rent his dream home safely and easily.

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