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Cash-Flow Collections

India’s First Trust-Based Digital Escrow Solution For Cash-Flow Collections

Make Lending Seamless and Secure

Track collections from multiple borrowers and transact through multiple digital escrow accounts on a single login dashboard, along with real-time updates of transactions.

How does it work?


Lender and Borrower form an escrow agreement and open a digital escrow account with Castler instantly
Borrower initiates deposition of cash-flows in the digital escrow, with first-charge on the collections being with the Lender



Lender’s interest is secured and the balance amount is passed on to the Borrower

The Value Castler Promises

Funds held in India's largest private banks with no access to Castler

Certified trusteeship company as escrow agent for all payout approvals

Pay a fraction of the cost of traditional banking solutions

Seamless, fast, and efficient digital onboarding. Open an escrow account in under a minute

Carry out all escrow banking transactions from a single SmartDashboard

Receive instant notifications through SMS and e-mail of all your transactions

Castler works with
Every Industry and Use Case.

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