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There are 15 million freelancers in India, and with the onset of the pandemic, this number will only continue to rise! Do you use ProtectPay Escrow to safeguard your hard-earned money? It’s time to do so!

How does ProtectPay Escrow work?
Attention, All freelancers!

Here's why you must use escrow for your freelancing projects

Anjali is a freelance graphic designer who recently received a lead for $500. The project is interesting, challenging, and what's more - it pays handsomely! It is a profitable lead, but Anjali is unsure about whether the client will pay in full. Anjali knows very well that the gig economy is notorious for fake prospects and late payments. The trust gap is not worth risking her time. She involves ProtectPay in the deal and gets to work with confidence and a free mind.

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Milestone based payment

Can be used for hourly or fixed payments

Anjali contacts the lead, and after a couple of rounds of interviews, she takes over the project! The client gives her the option to choose an hourly or fixed price model for the project. The decision made is to have three milestone payments.​

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Client pays full amount in protectpay escrow

The client is more than happy to use escrow for this project

When the client is satisfied with the work, he will release the amount for each milestone. The client will have seven days to inspect the work. With the deal set in stone, Anjali starts working.

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Both the parties are happy with the work

The project is completed!

Anjali then starts to complete her milestone-based work and regularly gets paid the minute the client approves is satisfied. He decides to hire her again in the future!

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