Instant Digital Escrow Accounts in India For Buyers and Sellers


Never Buy or Sell Online Without Digital Escrow

Use Castler to make sure that you're never a victim of fraud.

Transact with Verified Parties Only
Real-time Notifications on Mail and SMS
Payout Approvals by Certified Trusteeship Company
Maintain Funds in
RBI-licensed Banks
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Castler Escrow
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Cost Saved Over Traditional Escrow Fees
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No One Should Be a Victim of Fraud

Transact With Verified Parties Only

Our mission is to ensure that you’re never a target of frauds. Every party you transact with is thoroughly verified with Castler Escrow eKYC to achieve this.
black animated shield and two people depicting verified parties for buying and selling goods with digital escrow

Instant Escrow Account Creation

Avoid tedious documentation and lengthy processes of traditional escrow – go digital with Castler.

कुछ भी खरीदे या बेचे

No transaction is too small or big for us. Buy or sell anything you like – from used items to luxury goods, we’ve got you covered.

India’s Most Secure Digital Payment Platform

Castler enables trust and confidence while buying selling online by making sure you and your money are protected every step of the way.

black person and black shield icon depicting verified digital escrow payouts

1. Buyer and Seller Get eKYC'd

trustee assurance icon for buying and selling goods and services with digital escrow

2. Buyer and Seller Agree to Terms

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3. Buyer Deposits Payment to Castler

4. Seller Delivers Goods or Services to Buyer

5. Buyer Approves the Goods or Services

black icon depicting end-to-end escrow route with credit card and two buildings

6. Castler Releases Payment to Seller

Level Up Your Security on Marketplaces

Use Castler to buy or sell goods on listing platforms and marketplaces(eg: olx, facebook, instagram, and many more) by protecting your money better with digital escrow.

Custom Solutions For a Variety of Goods and Services

Physical Goods

From luxury items to general products, buy and sell a variety of goods confidently by securing your funds and your product with Castler.
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Rental Security Deposit

Avoid the hassle of defaults on payment of security deposit by ensuring that tenants deposit the amount in escrow before you lease property.
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Property Resale

Ensure that the purchase consideration for the property being sold is paid in escrow before handover and protect your interests better.
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Deposit the service fee in escrow and process payment to freelancers after you are satisfied with the projects delivered to you.
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Used Vehicles

Whether you’re a buyer or a seller, ensure that the used vehicle purchased meets your expectations and the payable amount is secured in escrow for greater security.
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