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Escrow- A Security Check-Post in Lending

It is important to explore and acknowledge what the lenders do, and how they can do it better. Recently, India was declared the 3rd largest economy in Asia and had the third-highest number of IPOs globally. As the country has been moving towards greater financial inclusion, improved technological prowess, and a robust, self-sufficient economic ecosystem, new IPOs, and startups have acted as core catalysts to achieve these goals. 

It is a fact that most startups, if not all, raise funds for multiple rounds – many starting from pre-seed and going up to Series E, and hopefully afterward, to IPO. And while borrowing or subscribing to equity is what people normally aspire for. Why shouldn’t they too ride the digital wave that is taking India by storm?

The Indian Lending Industry: An Update

According to the lending industry update issued by India Brand Equity Foundation (IBEF), bank assets across different sectors in India rose between the financial year 2018-21. Total existing assets across public and private sector banks in FY’21 were valued at USD 2.48 trillion.

Between 2016 and 2021, bank credit (loans given out) increased by a CAGR of 0.29%, and the total amount of loans given out amounted to almost USD 1500 billion. This CAGR is the 8th highest in the world.

These figures are massive and are based on the cash flow reports of scheduled banks. However, many significant players of the lending industry (such as NBFCs), are not included herein. This means that credit extension has been significantly higher.

Given Budget 2022’s focus on greater funding and more inclusiveness for startups, there are a lot of opportunities for the lending industry to exploit. With increasing digitization comes a demand for building newer and better digital solutions for lending. And this is crucial since ‘digital’ equals ‘accessible’ in most use-cases.

A Guide to Lending with Digital Escrow

Lending with escrow is a fairly simple process if you’re going digital-

Step 1:

The lending company and the borrowing company get eKYC’d by Castler and form a quick escrow eAgreement. This agreement lays down the common terms and conditions of both the respective companies 

Step 2:

The digital escrow account is created instantly at Castler, without you getting involved in tedious documentation and long waiting hours

Step 3:

Once the account is created the lending company can deposit the agreed amount into the escrow account

Step 4:

Once the terms of the agreements are fulfilled from both sides, the amount from the escrow account goes to the borrowing company

Why is an Escrow needed in lending?

Diving into the depths and reality of present generations, we find that online payment frauds have found commonplace. When it comes to lending or even borrowing security is what everyone wishes for? Thus, to make this a reality, it’s time for everyone to know the importance of an escrow service.

An escrow account is used to make payments securely without getting duped. At Castler we provide you the feature of eKYC’d to ensure that you only transact with verified parties. It acts as a bridge between the respective parties who are involved in transactions and removes the hiccups of false transactions.    

Benefits of Borrower

The borrower can avail of the following benefits by opening an escrow account:

Guaranteed Transactions-

The borrower can simply rely on the escrow service provider to get their amount received without worrying about being duped

Time Effectiveness-

The borrower need not get involved in any tedious documentation while opening a digital escrow account

Cost Effectiveness-

Opening a digital escrow account will cost you minimal charges as compared to a traditional escrow account


The borrower need not stress on whether the lending party has a valid account or not. As Castler is here to ensure that you are involved in 100% secure transactions with verified parties only.

Benefits of the Lender

The lender on the other hand can also have access to the following benefits:

Safe Transaction-

The lender can simply rely on the escrow service provider to make sure that the account to whom they are lending the money doesn’t belong to an imposter.  

Time Effectiveness-

The lender need not get involved in any tedious documentation while opening a digital escrow account 

Cost Effectiveness-

Opening a digital escrow account will cost you minimal charges as compared to a traditional escrow account

Trust Bridge-

The lender can rely on Castler and get involved with India’s trust-based platform. This will help them build a trust-based transaction community

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