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Busting the Myths of Escrow Payments

Digital escrow includes eKYC, eAgreement signing, digital account opening, and online escrow transactions, as well as real-time updates on the status of the transactions. Although this kind of arrangement is highly beneficial, it’s subject to many questions and misconceptions from people who’re yet to understand how it works. We will be bursting the myths of escrow to help you know the best escrow company better.

Despite the fact that this type of arrangement is extremely useful, it is frequently questioned and misunderstood by those who have yet to fully grasp its workings. Let’s burst the myths regarding escrow in this blog:

1. Opening a digital escrow account, there is no waiting around

The opening of an escrow account with a regular bank takes about 1 month. This results in a longer period of documentation & processing time. But, digital escrow is rapid and very convenient that it can setup within a day.

2. Escrow isn't just for high-stake transactions

When it comes to high-value transactions, Castler isn’t limited to this vicinity. Castler Escrow exists to safeguard the interests of all parties involved in transaction regardless the type of transaction.

3. Popular in Real Estate, but not merely

Escrow services are commonly utilised in real estate to ease high-value property transactions. But that doesn’t mean they’re only for real estate. Escrow services can help with any use case and any industry.

4. Your money is safe with Casler escrow

With Castler, your money is held in the custody of leading RBI-licensed banks and the transaction is processed by a certified trustee, only after the terms of escrow agreement between the transacting parties are met.

5. Escrow isn't a Costly Option

Without an escrow account, you are staking your money at risk. The cost of safeguarding your assets is negligible. Paying a minimal escrow fee is better than losing all your funds to a scammer.

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