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Real Estate Resale

India’s 1st Trust-Based Digital Escrow Solution for Secondary Real Estate Transactions

Ensure Security in Every Resale Transaction

The secondary real estate market is flooded with litigation problems that arise due to a huge trust-deficit between the buyer and the seller. Transact with verified parties through Castler and maintain funds with RBI-licensed banks.

Why choose Castler?


Deposit the consideration amount in digital escrow and keep control and track of your fund flows in real-time.


Secure the sale consideration for the property being sold in escrow, along with access level control over transactions.


Get your brokerage fee paid instantly from the deposit in the digital escrow post completion of resale transaction.
Buyer transfers purchase consideration to the Digital Escrow Account, with funds held in RBI-licensed banks



Seller initiates the Transfer of Property to Buyer. Funds are transferred to Seller’s account on submission of title deed documents and according to the mutually agreed terms. Brokerage fee is processed along with this transaction, according to the terms of the agreement
Multi-level authorization of transactions and verified payout by Certified Trusteeship Company


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