Castler Escrow

Robust Services to Help you Transact Safely

Associations with India’s leading trusteeship companies enables Castler to provide a gamut of services for safer transactions.

Document Safekeeping

Safeguard various documents viz. title deeds, security documents, etc. in safe custody. The documents are released upon the approval of the transacting parties as per their terms of agreement.

Debenture Trustee

Debenture trusteeship involves taking possession of the assets/property being offered as security in order to secure the debentures issued by a body corporate.

TRA Agent

The Trust and Retention Account agent would administer and manage the Trust & Retention Account created by the borrower(s) for the purposes of routing cashflows in terms of the agreed arrangement with the lender(s).

Securitization Trustee

Securitization is a process whereby commercial credits are packaged and sold in the form of financial instruments. Securitisation can be done for home loans, auto loans, micro finance loans, commercial vehicle loans, etc.

Collection and Payout Agent

Collection and payout agents are appointed as per the agreement formulated between the lender(s) and the borrower(s) with the aim to monitor payments and ensure that they are made as per the agreement, and taking necessary steps in case of any default.

ESOP/EWT Trustee

Employee Stock Option Plan (ESOP) is the option given to the whole time directors, officers or employees of a company that gives them the benefit or right to purchase (or subscribe) at a future date the securities offered by the company at a predetermined price.

Security Trustee

The security trustee/agent provides a range of services – from holding securities created in its favour to monitoring, maintenance and leveraging assets portfolio for the corporate borrowing programme (in a cost effective manner) as an integral part of the corporate value chain.

Escrow Agent

‘Escrow’ is an arrangement made under contractual provisions between transacting parties, whereby an independent trusted third party receives and disburses funds and/or documents for the transacting parties. It is dependent on the fulfilment of contractually-agreed conditions by the transacting parties.

Enforcement Services

We devise a strategic approach for the enforcement of security and handle the enforcement and litigation process in consultation with the clients’ legal counsels. Enforcement of security is undertaken by initiating action, handling the process of auction, realisation of assets, and distribution of proceeds to lender(s) / investor(s).

Family Office Trustee

We provide a wide range of family office services as trustees, wherein we help in structuring, advising, administering, and managing the trust. As a corporate trustee, we develop an unbiased view on the basis of documents and structure, and advice of the wealth manager appointed by the settlor/ protector(s).

Share Pledge Trustee

Loans are given against shares of the listed/unlisted companies that are pledged with a trustee. Listed shares are monitored on a daily basis and reports are provided to borrower(s)/lender(s), along with various trigger mechanisms provided in the transaction documents.

Trustee to AIF

Alternative Investment Funds refer to any fund established or incorporated in India in the form of a trust, a company, a limited liability partnership, or a body corporate which is a privately pooled investment vehicle that collects funds from investors.

Trustee to Charitable Trust​

A charitable trust is an irrevocable trust established for charitable purposes. In India, trusts set up for social causes and approved by the Income Tax Department are not only exempted from payment of tax, but the donors to such trusts can deduct the amount of donation made to the trust from their taxable income as well.

P2P Trusteeship

Peer-to-peer lending, or more popularly known as P2P lending, is the online financial framework that connects lenders and borrowers on an online platform without a bank acting as the third party. This absence of intermediaries, and subsequently the lower costs involved, make P2P lending an attractive option in the Indian financial sector.

Masala Bonds Trusteeship

Masala bonds are bonds issued outside India by an Indian entity or corporate but denominated in Indian Rupee (INR), rather than the local currency. Indian corporates usually issue masala bonds to raise funds from foreign investors.

Gold Trusteeship

Since a trustee has no financial relations with other players, it has no conflict of interest in discharging the role as security trustee. The trustee coordinates with the platform and all other agencies like a safe-keeper involved in the chain.

Software Escrow Trusteeship

Software escrow services undertake highly valuable source codes related to IT-software/ pharmaceutical companies etc. It essentially protects software licenses by ensuring that the licensee only gets access to source codes (& other related materials) if the licensor permits and/or depending on any similar release conditions.

CP Trusteeship

In order to safeguard the interests of investors into the guaranteed CPs, the trustee assumes the role of “charge holder” on behalf of the beneficiaries/investors. In case of a default by the issuer of the CP, the trustee enforces the guarantee and settles the default with the investor/beneficiary as per the provisions of the applicable laws/regulations/CP documents.